SIDS Research

Below is a sampling of recent studies regarding sudden infant death and its potential causes and risk factors.

KIRO News story:  New hope for SIDS breakthrough (2/2/2015)
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Seattle Children's researcher finds a clue to the mystery of SIDS (10/1/2013)
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SIDS Research Webinars
Watch archived quarterly webinars on current research topics

An update on SIDS Research
A comprehensive review of research on SIDS, from Pediatrics in Review

FAQs about SIDS Research
Fairly comprehensive list of SIDS research through 2003 and commonly asked questions associated with this research.

Biological Cause of SIDS?
Children's Hospital Boston, 2006

Unsafe Sleep Practices and an Analysis of Bedsharing among Infants Dying Suddenly and Unexpectedly

Sleep Position
Changing Concepts of SIDS: Implications for Infant Sleeping Environment and Sleep Position