For Family & Friends

For Grandparents
As a grandparent, you are coping with intense feelings of grief, not only for the grandchild you lost, but for the pain your own child is experiencing. We are here to help you as well. Family members are welcome to all of our support groups and special events. Attending these with your grieving child is a good way of building a network of family support. We can also send a grief packet to anyone who has lost a grandchild to SIDS and have a "peer companion" grandparent contact you to provide support in person, over the phone, or by email. Additional resources are listed below:

Online Support
Two organizations, MISS Foundation and AGAST, have merged to support grieving families. If you are a bereaved grandparent and would like to receive a packet of information on dealing with your grief and helping your children and other grandchildren deal with theirs, send an email to with the subject line "AGAST Packet Request."
A forum exclusively for grandparents and run by MISS Foundation and AGAST. Click on "To go to forum boards..." at the bottom of the page.

For Other Family, Friends, & Coworkers
Uncertain how to help a grieving family member or friend? You may find reading through some of the resources on the "For Parents" page helps you gain an elementary understanding of what a parent experiences upon the sudden death of a previously healthy infant. If you would like more information, please give us a call. We can also present a "how to help" training for family, friends, or coworkers of a SIDS parent who are interested.

What Not to Say to Someone Suffering…
  • “I know how you feel.” (100% of respondents disliked this or any variation)
  • “It’s for the best.” (100%)
  • “Keep a stiff upper lip.” (98%)
  • “At least…”
  • “You should or shouldn’t”
  • “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle” (88%)
  • “It’s God’s will.” (93%)