For over 53 years, Northwest Infant Survival & SIDS Alliance (NISSA) has been providing support to parents enduring the unthinkable: the sudden and unexplained death of a previously healthy baby.  Northwest Infant Survival & SIDS Alliance is dedicated to reducing the risk of sudden unexpected infant death through education and supporting research while providing bereavement services.  Our annual auction is the single biggest fundraising event of the year and helps us achieve our goal and mission.

Our current goals include:
  • Provide education and support to bereaved families
  • Educate the general public and professionals about SIDS and SUID
  • Reduce the number of SIDS and SUID deaths in our state
  • Provide safe sleep education so that every parent, childcare provider and health professional is aware of current evidence-based practices to reduce the risk of sudden infant death
  • Support research dedicated to the ultimate elimination of sudden infant death