Run For The Angels 2019 is coming up on October 6, 2019 at beautiful McEuen Park in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  The sixth annual run for the angels is a fun run/walk 5k family oriented run the features a breathtaking course through downtown Coeur d'Alene and along Lake Coeur d'Alene.  The event also features a family fun day with activities, a remembrance ceremony and more.  To register go to 

Night Under The Stars 2019 Is Almost Here!

Join us for an evening under the stars at Elk Point Estates overlooking beautiful Lake Coeur d'Alene. Dinner will be delicious Drumin' Up BBQ along with complimentary beer and wine! We have the incredible Luke Yates performing, the best view in town, live and silent auction and an amazing cause to support! NISSA and Inland Northwest SIDS Foundation both rely on this event to continue their life-saving work. *21 and older

Table of 8 with reserved seating and personal server $1000 

Open seating ticket $75

Call or text our office to purchase your tickets today!  208.557.4371
Night Under The Stars has sold out every year and will sell out in the next week, so don't wait!


Breaking News

We have some exciting news! We are delighted to announce that Liz Montgomery has been selected as our next Executive Director. Liz comes to us from Inland Northwest SIDS Foundation in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  A 12-year veteran of the non-profit sector, Liz holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and a certificate in Non-Profit Leadership from the University of Idaho. She specializes in high-level fundraising, donor relations, and program management.
Liz is a visionary leader who brings to Northwest Infant Survival and SIDS Alliance a deep experience in civic engagement, program development, family services and has received numerous commendations for her community involvement. 
Liz will head the executive department and be responsible for managing our board of directors, volunteer groups and operations. She'll serve as the main public contact and spokesperson for the Northwest Infant Survival and SIDS Alliance and will represent the company and all professional business capacities. 
After the death of her 5 ½-month-old son Mason due to accidental sleep-related death in 2003, Liz has been and continues to be passionate about educating medical professionals, emergency responders, parents and caregivers on Safe Infant Sleep practices and providing emotional support to those who have experienced a pregnancy, infant or child loss. 
Liz is honored to serve as Executive Director and to be able to continue the life-saving work began in 1961 by founder Mary Dore.  Her previous employment with NISSA combined with 12 years of non-profit management and personal experience with the death of her own baby due to SUID, makes her the perfect choice to continue the NISSA legacy.


A Note From Our New Executive Director

I am excited and honored to join your organization as the new executive director. I want to thank everyone for your warm welcome. Also, I want to thank Aileen Carroll, Board President for her support and assistance in helping me transition into this position. Aileen has been serving as our volunteer Executive Director for the last two years. Following in Aileen’s shoes will not be easy, but with your input, participation and support, we can be assured that NISSA has a bright future.

With her guidance and the support of our board of directors and staff, a strategic plan has been put into place and I have been charged with the duty to ensure its success.  NISSA will continue to partner with and provide cribs for our current partners and will be on the search for more partners on the western side of Washington.  We will also continue reaching out with hopes to connect to families who suffered the death of their child due to SIDS and other sleep related accidents.

We plan to work tirelessly to bring training to our Washington State hospitals and encourage them to become certified via Cribs for Kids National Hospital Certification Program.  Certified hospitals are mandated to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep Guidelines, model safe sleep and educate each family on how to keep their baby safe during sleep. We need their help to begin to lower our infant deaths due to sleep related deaths throughout Washington. We also know home visiting agencies such as Nurse Family Partnership are very impactful when it comes to getting the safe sleep message into the community.  Our plan is to increase our home-visiting partners in our high-risk counties.  Most importantly, we pledge to be more active on our social media with posts about safe infant sleep, research updates and grief support.

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death kills more kids in the US than opioids, guns, and suicide combined. These deaths MUST stop, and it is our mission and duty to educate and bring awareness to the number one cause of infant death. I am honored to be chosen to lead NISSA in doing just this along with supporting families who have suffered the ultimate loss. Thank you for believing in our life-saving mission for the last 58 years!

Please do not hesitate to contact me as I would love to hear from you.

Liz Montgomery, Executive Director

Give Big 2019 Is Almost Here!

Join us on May 8th, 2019, for "Give Big 2019."  We have a generous donor who has pledged to match up to $2000 in donations!  We need your help to gather up donations by donating or by creating your own fundraiser and reaching out to friends and family.  Click here to donate and/or create your own fundraiser!  All funds raised will be used for our grief support and safe sleep educational programs. 


Do You Know Your ABC'S?

Though our mission is to help grieving families, we also want to reduce the number of babies that die so that fewer families are part of our "club".  
We don't know what causes SIDS but there is evidence that the "ABC's of Infant Safe Sleep" is a way to reduce SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths.  
​What are the ABC's for a baby?
​- Always place a baby ALONE, on his/her BACK, in a safety-approved CRIB with a tight-fitting sheet and no loose objects.  
​- Babies should never be exposed to tobacco or marijuana smoke - in the prenatal period or after birth.  

​If we can help you with educational materials or support, please email or call us!


What we do

At NISSA, we help teach you how to protect your infant during sleep. We provide comfort and support to families affected by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) & other unexpected deaths of an infant. We also educate the public and professionals on how to reduce the risk of sudden infant death.

Our work is so important - especially to our African American and Native American families because they are affected in far greater numbers. Please spread the word that infants should always sleep on their backs.